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Adapter Mobi charger MX-C12 12 12in1 Long


  • Brand: Apple
  • Product Code: MX-C12
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Universal charger for phones and smartphones MX-C12 is a kit with plugs of different formats for charging different phone models.

Charging can be carried out from the network 220V or from car cigarette lighter 12V.
This kit will find its application for charging such phones as iPhone 3-4, LG, Motorolla, Samsung, Nokia, SonyEricsson, smartphones and tablets, as well as various gadgets.

Set with adapters to charge phones, smartphones and tablets from the 220V network and from the car cigarette lighter 12V.

Adapters are suitable for charging iPhone 3-4, LG, Motorolla. Samsung, Nokia, SonyEricsson, Chinese smartphones and phones.

What's in the box:
1x power supply unit at 5V from 220V network;
1x power supply from car cigarette lighter 12V;
1x USB cable with 12 plugs;
1x Packing blister;
1х Our gratitude for the purchase.

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