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Portable backlit speaker V239 buy inexpensively in Khmelnitsky Ukraine.


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Sale of columns in Ukraine Khmelnitsky.

Buy a column mp3 in online store online.

We suggest you buy an original miniature speaker-speaker with multi-colored illumination in Khmelnitsky. This column is capable of replacing the most chic color music and is therefore suitable as an ideal gift for the New Year! If you are looking for a gift for the New Year holidays, you are exactly on purpose. Speaker - Speaker - The speaker has a wide functionality, rich in shades of timbre of sound and original color illumination. Due to its unique properties this product managed to gain popularity in Khmelnitsky. Sale of speakers for the New Year will not take much of your time. Just order the goods from us and we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.

The column with music and lighting is a harmony of sounds and colors. The flow of flowers will create a festive atmosphere and give harmony and comfort to your home. Sale of columns in Khmelnitsky. Buy a speaker in Khmelnitsky - that's what consumers are looking for on the Internet, when they really want to decorate their holiday. This column is capable of working more than five hours. Clean and loud sound. Possibility to connect to a phone or other sound source. Radio. Support for Micro SD memory cards and USB flash drives - all in one small portable device that fits easily into your pocket!

Note: The backlight does not turn off when the device is operating. For confident reception of radio stations, the AUX socket (made in the form of a MiniUSB connector) must be inserted in the wire that comes with the kit. If receiving stations is not sure - you can add a couple of meters of wire to the end of the cord.

The functions are controlled by pressing the buttons made in the form of a wheel. But it does not spin - it just pushes it in different directions and inside. After turning on the device - it is silent. If you insert a memory card or a USB flash drive - the device will automatically find them and start playing the files. If you want to select "Radio" mode, press and hold the "Play / Pause" button. Automatic station search will begin. The radio stations will play for 3 seconds, then switch to the next frequency. If you want to stop the automatic station search, press the "play / pause" button once. The choice of radio stations can also be done by pressing the "left" and "right" buttons. To decrease or increase the volume, you must also press the left and right buttons for more than one second. Select AUX mode by pressing and holding the "play / pause" button.

Portable computer audio system. Hi-Fi digital audio system

Model: V239 with support for MP3, FM radio, AUX, MicroSD, bright backlight with multi-colored lights.


Height: 8,3cm;

Width: 7cm;

Cord length: 50cm.


Mini USB - used as an antenna, as an AUX input;

USB - used to connect the USB flash drive;


Fm - radio (auto search);

Playing music files via USB stick, or with a microSD card.

Audio Amplifier: Through the AUX cable, the speaker can be connected to the phone and play music from the phone.

Colored lights and cord - as a gift. Cardboard packaging.

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