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Unique stylish female clutch will become an indispensable attribute of any fashionista. This exclusive thing will help you attract the views of wealthy men and cause envy in women. Every real Odessa woman should afford herself such a clutch in her collection. Surprise your family and friends with this unobtrusive and stylish accessory.

Purse clutch of light brown color for girls and women can now be bought in Khmelnitsky. It is inconspicuous and at the same time functional and roomy. It can easily accommodate a lot of necessary things, without which not one fashionista can do: The keys, phone, money, lipstick, napkins, and even a small bottle of alcohol will fit easily in this invisible purse! What else can the real Khmelnychanka dream of?

The female purse of light brown color has the form of a chic bow and a clasp with rhinestones. It's chic, it's brilliance, it's the tears of men and the hiss of girlfriends!

Buy handbag-clutch in Khmelnitsky for his chosen one can only be a real gentleman. If you are not a gentleman - do not even call us! For in our store a strict selection of customers, and this elegant handbag-clutch can only be sold to a real gentleman, and only for a real lady.

Product Features:

Type of wearing: in the hand and on the shoulder;

Color: Light brown;

Material: Leatherette;

Dimensions: 28x10cm;

There is a pocket for money inside.

Includes a sparkling metal chain for carrying on the shoulder.

Also included is a detachable handle - for carrying in the hand.

You deserve to feel like a queen among the plebeians! And with this clutch you can afford it!

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