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Women's Tablet Bag


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Women's Tablet Bag:

A stylish and compact bag-tablet for girls or women will perfectly fit into any wardrobe.

Ergonomic design - does not take up much space. Ideal for wearing tablets, contains many offices, where you can put lipstick, keys and money, and much more. All the essentials are always at hand. Buy an original women's bag in Khmelnitsky any. Enjoy your ladies, having made them an original and necessary gift.

This bag is ideal for not only wearing personal things, but also for computer accessories - for example, for a tablet. The design of the bag is designed in such a way that it can fit almost any tablet. The bag has a different thickness - down it is thinner, which makes it much easier to take out and load the tablet, without the risk of scratching it on other things. For other things, such as keys, phone or money - there are separate sections in the bag, which excludes the possibility of any damage to your favorite gadget. For example, sharp and hard things can be worn in this same handbag, but in a separate external pocket that is fastened with a button. At the back there is also a pocket on the snake, it can carry valuable documents or money without risk of losing them, since they are on the back of the purse and no one sees them. Hand-clutch bag is light, easy to clean, because it consists of non-natural fibers. Resistant to moisture, because besides snakes, it has a protection from the same impervious material. Universal and ergonomic design will help its owner feel at the height.

Also, an external pocket on the rivet easily fits the player, which is easy to get in crowded transport without opening the entire bag, thus providing additional security.

The refined design of this product is optimal for teenagers and adolescents who appreciate the classical style. When you are young - you do not like being compared to old women with a bunch of avosec and baulov. This light handbag does not bother you at all - it does not stretch your shoulders and almost does not feel when you walk, it does not interfere with walking walks.

To buy a women's handbag in Khmelnitsky is worth it, if you decided to charm your chosen one, by making her a nice and stylish gift for a long memory.


Material: Search. leather;

Width: 24cm;

Height: 26cm;

Thickness above: 4cm;

Thickness below: 1,5cm;

Strap max. length: 117cm;

Number of branches: 5.

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