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Universal Charger 14 in 1 with 2 adapters MOBI CHARGER 5G \ Q30 14in1


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Universal Charger 14 in 1 MOBI CHARGER 5G Q30 14in1
This set for charging gadgets is useful to those who have several phones in different formats, and to stick with a bag with chargers do not want.

The ideal solution for you will be to buy a universal charger UKC 14 in 1.
With this charger, you can always recharge any device, be it a phone, a speaker, a tablet or a player. This kit contains outputs with plugs of all modern formats.

Two adapters provide comfortable and uninterrupted operation in the room from the 220V network. and in the car, from the cigarette lighter 12V.

This Universal charger will find its use when traveling to the sea or on vacation, when from Power Bank you need to charge different gadgets.
In the set of 14 plugs of different standards and two power adapters, 220V, and 12V (for the car).
You can also recharge from the computer's USB port or external battery (Power Bank).

If you buy this set, then instead of 14 different charges you can use only one cable with 14 nozzles!
Utilization is compatible with such models of phones: Apple, iPhone, iPod, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, MP3 players, tablets,

The kit includes:
Charger 14in1;
Power adapter 220V;
Power adapter 12V (in the cigarette lighter);
Packing blister;
Wishes for a good day and a great mood.

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