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Headphones MDR AN 75i


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Headphones MDR AN 75i / Headset headphones / Headphones vacuum / Headphones with microphone at an affordable price!

Headphones MDR AN 75i. Headphones with headset. Vacuum headphones. Headphones with a microphone to buy in Khmelnitsky.

Headphones are suitable for fans to talk on a mobile phone or on Skype using a headset.

They have everything you need: Built-in microphone, four-pin plug, playback control buttons when listening to music.
The design of this is very successful. Of course, they do not possess an impeccable sound quality, but their worth is worked out with interest.
Vacuum headphone attachments take the shape of an auricle, and do not allow outside noise to interfere with your conversation.
The dynamic head contains a neodymium magnet, which allowed manufacturers to increase the reliability and immunity to interference of this product.

buy Headphones MDR AN 75i in Khmelnitsky can be found on our website. There is a delivery to all settlements of Ukraine.

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