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Digital multifunction device HTC-2, hygrometer, clock, alarm clock, calendar, outdoor temperature sensor


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The multifunctional thermometer HTC-2 combines a hygrometer, a clock, an alarm clock, a calendar, a thermometer with an external and internal temperature sensor.

This device is also called a Home Weather Station. HTC-2 functional household appliance, with many useful parameters will be an indispensable thing for fans of accurate digital measurements.
Two temperature sensors allow controlling the temperature outside and inside the room.

In addition to measuring temperatures, this device is able to measure the humidity of the air, has a clock, a calendar and an alarm clock.

Such an extensive set of functions will provide this device with useful applications in a residential or workplace.
The outdoor temperature sensor is located at the end of a long wire. This allows you to place it outside the window or behind the door of the room.

Thus, even without going outside, you will know the outside temperature.

The temperature display system can be represented in two measurement systems. In degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

This meteorological instrument is able to memorize the minimum and maximum temperature values ​​for the entire period of its operation.
You can view this data at any time.

The device is powered by a standard mini-battery. The device is attached to the wall using a special hole, or placed on a stand.

Device features:
- Indication of temperature inside and outside the room, as well as humidity and time.
- Readable LCD display.
- Temperature range: -50 ~ +70 C.
- Humidity measurement range: 20% ~ 95%.
- Measurement error: temperature: 1 C, humidity: 5% RH.
- Select 12-hour / 24-hour display.
- Alarm function.
- Calendar (month and date).
- Placing on the desktop or on the wall.
- Dimensions: 105 x 98 x 24 mm.
- Weight: 160g.

The kit includes:
- The device;
- 1 battery 1.5 V, type AAA;
- Instruction;
- Packing.

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