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Draw with light a children's set for creativity


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Draw Light is a set for drawing in the dark with a pen with a luminous tip and a special plate with photoluminescent sputtering.

Drawing is carried out by pressing a special button on the pen of the tablet. This button provides a glow of the tip, which in turn leaves a glowing trace on the tablet.
This track disappears completely in about 20 minutes.
Product size: A4 (21x30 cm)

The figure glows in the dark giving the surrounding people a sense of magic and a holiday.

To use a light marker and a tablet is very simple: you need to turn off the light, pick up a light marker, click on the button to make it light, start creating.

You can experiment with the shapes of lines and strokes. Adjust the amount of light you get on the tablet by removing or approaching the light marker, using stencils, figurines, different angles of inclination, to round palms to enjoy unusual creativity to the fullest.

Materials from which the "Draw with light" set is absolutely safe for children. They do not contain phosphorus and harmful toxins.

With a set for drawing "Draw with Light" - your creativity will turn into an easy and exciting game.
The plot you can think up yourself or look on the Internet. Your picture will glow in the dark for a short while, so you can take pictures of your pictures without waiting for their fading.
There is delivery on the territory of Ukraine.
Condition: New.

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