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Metal Detector Metal CHK TS80


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Manual scanning scanner / portable metal detector Metal CHK TS80

Hurry up and get a portable metal detector Metal CHK TS80.

It has the basic functionality and design of a manual scanning scanner, but can be used for styling or lost metal parts, for example in a garage.

Hand-held portable metal detector will serve as an ideal solution for the searchers of coins, treasures, detection of hidden wiring, electrical and installation works.

Its original purpose is a scanning scanner. That is, you can use it to control visitors and reveal their hidden weapons.

The sensitivity level of this device is sufficient to detect metal objects the size of a 10-penny coin.

There is a function of recharging the crown from an external power source, and the device can function connecting to the 220V network via an adapter.
Coins can be found at a distance of 55mm - perhaps this requires sensitivity adjustment.

Metal tubes up to 20 mm in cross section will be found at a distance of up to 12 cm.
The sensitivity is adjustable.
Operating temperature: -10 to +50 ° C
Indication: Sound and light signal;
Setting: Automatic and manual.

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