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Lantern BL-8417


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Light-emitting diode fan BL-8417 will find its worthy application in the country, in the kitchen, in a private house where the electricity is periodically cut off, for trekking to the attic and the cellar.

The BL-8417 flashlight is small in size, which makes it easy to carry it in your jacket pocket, mount it on a bicycle, and just carry it in your hand.
The fan BL-8417 has an insulated body made of a robust alu-brine.

Also, the distinctive feature of this loudspeaker is the modernized lighting focussing system. Due to this, the beam can be scattered or concentrated in the center. This way you can better illuminate remote objects.

The device is operated on the basis of three batteries or AAA batteries.
A push-button switch can change the operating modes of the device. A dim light, a bright light and a flickering light.

Control: Keyswitch;
Focusing beam: Yes (telescopic);
Drinking: three power elements AAA (in the package do not go);
Wrought metal casing made of anodirovannogo aluminum;
Features: light-shielded, turbo-charged, dust-proof;
Diameter in wide part: 30mm;
Diameter in the narrow part: 26mm;
Length of the radiator: 103 mm;

Set of shipment:
- a cassette for three AAA batteries
- a fan
- cord
- box

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