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Adapter USB2 220v AR-18 (AR 62), USB Adapter, AC Adapter, Charger, Power Supply


  • Brand: Apple
  • Product Code: AR-18
  • Availability: In Stock

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Adapter adapter USB 220V charging AR 18 European type, has all the necessary functions for zaradki phones, tablets and other gadgets. And at the same time it has a modern and bright design.
This network charger will help you charge your gadgets from the 220V network, which is very convenient for those with whom
busy ports in a laptop or PC.

The device has the form of a cube. The golden strip is complemented by the sophisticated appearance of this product.
In addition, the white color is elegantly combined with a white charging cable.
This charger has a compact size, which allows you to take it with you on the road and not worry about the busy space.
This charger is equipped with two USB outputs. At 1 and 2 amps.

Choose the outputs according to their intended use. If you are not sure of the choice, select the output to 1A.

Buy and use this charger is very simple.
You simply plug it into the socket and use a cable and charge your gadget.


    • Type: AC adapter
    • Number of USB ports: 2
    • Glossy plastic housing
    • Used for charging from the network 100-240V, 50-60Hz.
    • Power consumption: 0.5A
    • Output power: 5V 3100Ma
    • White color

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