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Portable flashlight-lamp YJ 5828


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Camping lantern / portable flashlight-lamp YJ 5828 will find its application in a hike, in a tent, in a country house or on vacation.

A notable feature of this product is the smooth adjustment of the brightness of the glow.
So you can save a lot of battery power and thus increase the operating time of the device.

Lantern BL-8417 will also become an indispensable companion in a tent, in nature, fishing, etc.
It has a convenient handle for carrying and hanging.

Its affordable price does not affect the quality. On the contrary - with such a price, everyone must have it.
This is a very handy portable thing has light weight and small dimensions that will allow owners to take it with them on hikes.

The total area of ​​lighting is up to 20 meters. Brightness of lighting is achieved through the use of 13 energy-saving LEDs.
The device is powered by a built-in battery, which can be recharged from the 220 volt network.

The most important condition for extending the life of the device is:
do not allow overcharging or complete discharge of the battery,
Do not turn on the device during operation while charging,
do not allow moisture, water and contaminants to enter the device,
Do not drop or hit the unit.

Technical specifications:

    Manufacturer: Yajia
    Duration of continuous operation: up to 5 hours
    Charging time: up to 14 hours
    LED Type: OSL
    Number of diodes: 13
    Modes: the brightness is changed with the rotary knob - switch
    Type of power: battery
    Battery: Built-in Li-Ion battery
    Case: plastic
    In the complete set: a lantern, a cord for charging, packing

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