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3D pen with LCD display


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3D pen with LCD display is a universal gift for any holiday to a child and an adult.
The handle can draw 2 kinds of plastic: PLA and ABS.

Working with it is very simple:
• Turn the 3D knob into the socket through the adapter.
• Insert the plastic thread.
• Press the button and draw by air or stencil.

3D Handle Features:
• Nozzle diameter: 0.7 mm
• Thread thickness: 1.75 mm
• Smooth adjustment of the plastic feed rate
Convenient functionality
Adjusting the temperature and speed of the plastic feed
there is a display that shows the temperature
light weight, it weighs only 65 grams
safety, if 3 minutes do not use the pen it goes into standby mode

3D pen is a device that gives its owner a wide field for creativity.
It is possible to draw 3D volumetric objects and pictures. 3d handle for drawing uses ABS and PLA plastic. It can be used as: a tool for developing imagination and spatial thinking; tool for creating concepts, designers for a note; for a creative time of escorting with family members and friends; a device for creating toys with their own hands; an original gift for loved ones.

Technical characteristics of the handle:
temperature control. (from 190 ° C to 230 ° C);
Power supply - 12 V 2 A .;
Replacement nozzle - 0.7 mm;
Material - PLA 1.75 mm.
The diameter is 70-125 mm;
Length - 180 mm;
Weight - 65 grams.

3D handle;
Power Supply;
The instruction in Russian;
Plastic 9m

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