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Men's wallet - purse - banker Baellerry Leather SW008


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Men's wallet - purse - banker Baellerry Leather SW008 will appeal to all lovers of style, without exception.
The purse has long ceased to be an exclusively functional container of money or documents ...
Now this is a real attribute of style and fashion, which must be flaunted at every convenient collision.
With the wallet of the Baellerry Leather SW008 you will also have the opportunity.

Wallets-clutch Baellerry Leather SW008 is not only a solid accessory for a business person.
It is also a roomy and functional thing that can accommodate all the essentials and keep it at hand.
Beautiful, fashionable and attractive men's clutch is ideal for storing money, keys, cards, phone, documents, credit cards, business cards and other things.
A variety of offices and pockets will keep each thing in its place and thereby receive multiple orgasms from a sense of harmony and order.

Wallet -clutch Baellerry Leather SW008 is made in the form of a folding book and has all the classic components.
This makes it an elegant addition to a business suit, also for everyday use.
This male clutch has all the male characteristics. And even a ponytail is available.

Characteristics of the wallet Baellerry SW008:

    Model: Leather;
    Type: clutch;
    Material: leatherette;
    Shape: rectangular, with rounded edges;
    Strap on hand: there is;
    Branch for sim-cards: no;
    Length: 21 cm;
    Width: 11.7 cm;
    Thickness: 2.5 cm;
    Weight: 180 grams;

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