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Farewell to the Beginner


This survey will be useful for newcomers to online shopping, that is, people who have not previously had business with online stores. There are many factors that influence the choice in favor of an online store. We already wrote about them in previous articles. In short it is:

- Lower cost of the goods, due to the absence of extra charges for rent, salaries of sellers, electricity, permanent repairs, etc .;

- Ability to quickly select and compare the characteristics of the product before purchasing;

- Saving time due to the lack of queues and the need for shopping trips in search of the right thing, which does not always end in success.

- Ability to make purchases without breaking away from the main occupation.

- Delivery to your city. For example, you live in a village and do not have the opportunity to shop in the city - it's expensive and takes time. In the online store you can make an online purchase, pay for the goods by transferring to a bank card and expect a parcel at your post office.

So you have decided on the choice of the things of your dreams. It remains a matter of small - to find the most favorable conditions for its acquisition. The first thing the buyer will go to the Internet - and through the search Google.com will find - where this thing is sold, preferably in your city. And maybe you'll find out about a store from social networks or from acquaintances. If you for example, did not find the necessary thing in the online store thing, ask - can you order it. Often the store administration meets its customers.

So, the buyer decided on the online store and it was arranged by the price and delivery. Pay attention to the shipping cost. Some stores offering their goods on the Internet can take an additional charge for packing and delivery to the parcel sending point.

With payment, there should also be no complications. You can transfer to a private bank card or through webmoney. You can also pay for the parcel when you receive it on New Mail or when you deliver by courier.

About delivery: The most popular among our compatriots is the delivery service "Nova Poshta". There are also more budgetary delivery options: It's Intime and Deliveri. Still there is Ukrposhta. Sometimes Ukrposhta is indispensable in those cases when in your locality there are no other delivery points for parcels.

When delivery by cash payment, the final price increases, as the carrier company takes payment for the delivery of goods and money back to the seller. This option will suit particularly suspicious customers who doubt the quality of products and make a purchase for the first time.

Pay attention to the fact that online stores have a number of advantages over traditional stores. This is an extensive functionality that will greatly speed up the search for the desired product and the choice of its parameters. Once you fill out your contact information, the customer becomes a regular customer, and can constantly go and shop at the same store much faster. Also, regular customers usually accumulate a certain system of bonuses, and after the collection of goods for a certain amount, the buyer has the right to expect a discount or a gift from the store.

We hope that thanks to such small reviews, we help customers to make correct and meaningful purchases online.

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