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Glowing earphones Light EarPhone buy in Khmelnitsky


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Headphones glow in time with the music. This is clearly visible in the dark.
With them you will feel like a real stylist.
Also with them you can make amazing and stunning pictures - in the style of the movie Throne, sport, style, etc.
With such headphones, no mod can go unnoticed.
Such a unique device will be able to please not only an unusual design, but also a high-quality sound.
So these headphones can be safely given to children, loved ones and all connoisseurs of style and good sound.
High-quality and stylish headphones with LED backlight will please any music lover and connoisseur of beauty.


Equipment: headphones, usb wire for charging, box.
Glow: EL
Cable length: 1,1 m
The ability to receive calls, talk on the microphone, listen to music.
Model: vacuum inserts;
Available colors: green
They shine in the dark in the rhythm of the music.
Note: The headphones are provided with their own battery, which provides illumination. Sometimes they need to be recharged.
The phone or player is not charged for headphones.
3.5 jack with four contacts - made as a headset.
Delivery all over Ukraine.

Stylish accessory, an original gift!
Headphones that glow in time with your favorite music. The wire is lit, evenly, brightly along the entire length (not pointwise!)
Standard headphone input.
The wire is flexible, does not break when twisted, unlike cheap copies.
Colors are limited, there are only a few pieces left.
The bundle includes a USB wire, which is needed to charge a small battery, from which the LED ribbon in the headphone wires lights. To make the wires shine - you must first fully charge the headphones and then hold the Start / Stop button for 3 seconds. YOUR TELEPHONE WILL NOT FASTER DROP FROM THE LIGHT WIRES IN THE HEADPHONES.

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