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Internet shopping takes all the big niches in modern trade. Online shopping has its admirers and skeptics.

In this material, we will try to dispel all existing myths and prejudices concerning Internet shopping.
A typical modern online store is a list of products or goods, divided into categories. The product card lists the characteristics and parameters of the product, photo, and price. Thanks to the extensive functionality of the e-store, the customer can easily form his order, indicating information about payment and delivery. Most often, buyers prefer delivery to the courier service New mail. Although there are other, cheaper options for delivery. For example, the service "Intime" and "Deliveri".

The payment can be made either by cash on delivery or by transfer to the PrivatBank card. The advantages of shopping in the online store are overestimated. First is the time saved. If you imagine that the buyer works throughout the week from 9 to 18, often with delays, one or two days off, which you do not want to spend wandering in stores or in the markets in lines. Secondly, it reduces the cost of transportation, through shopping trips in different parts of your city. Thirdly - you will save, because in the online store you buy only what you need. And when visiting markets and shops a person is bound to be forced to buy what he is buying and not going to. Fourthly - the online store is open around the clock. So you can make purchases both off-the-clock, on the day off, and at any time, from anywhere in the world. This gives much more personal freedom. Of the minuses, of course, it is worth mentioning that the delivery of the goods will take one or two days.

Also, it should be noted that the online process of selecting and comparing products is much faster, making your shopping more convenient than in a regular store. With the help of product filters, you can easily pick up the goods according to the characteristics you need without looking for supermarkets. An additional advantage of the Internet trading platform is that no seller can remember all that information about each model that is present on the Internet site.

Difference in price. The cost of the same thing in a regular store and online store can vary significantly. Recently, more and more buyers are choosing online shopping because of a lower price. Such a difference in price is due to a variety of price-forming factors, among which: The cost of renting retail space, the payment for utilities in these premises, the wages of storekeepers and sellers, the cost of the annual repair of cosmetics, the purchase of new showcases and stands, etc. All this is not in the online store, because of this and the price of purchased goods is often lower.

Do not also forget about the shortcomings of Internet commerce. Here the buyer does not have the opportunity to touch the thing before its purchase, to evaluate the convenience of its use, dimensions, aroma, etc. However, experienced buyers will first find such a thing in an ordinary store, get a price, feel, and only then buy it on the Internet is often cheaper.

The photos of the goods in the online store do not always give a complete picture of the product. Often beginners do not adhere to the rules of photography, because of what color can change. Also, it is difficult for the buyer to imagine the scale of the product, especially if you view these photos from your mobile phone. Pick up goods from the courier service is also possible only during the work of this.

In conclusion, we want to add that everyone is free to make his choice in one direction or another. Obviously, it will be more convenient for older people to make purchases in traditional stores, and in the queue they will be pleasantly met by familiar faces. For young people, on the contrary, it is more convenient to master new technologies in the usual Internet for them. The one and the other side has its pros and cons. Everyone decides for himself - which is more important for him. We also consider it necessary to remind all visitors, and not just buyers, that there is nothing ideal that only in the fairy tale "the customer is always right", that each manufacturer of technology lays in its product a limited service life in order to have a need to buy a new one. These are the world rules of the game called "Economics". No one has yet succeeded in deceiving these rules. Also it is worth remembering that most advertising slogans are nothing more than words. For example, if you come to a mobile phone and ask if this phone supports the VHS format, you will be proud to say yes! Trust the experts and review the product reviews before you buy it.

Our online store adheres to all existing norms of the current legislation of Ukraine. And if you do not like something in the bag - you can return it or exchange it within 14 working days (if there are no signs of wear or damage).